A Mix of Thoughts and Experiences

In the end we all lose our way, it is inevitable. We lose our way in order of finding ourselves. Stories, Personal experience and random thoughts are scattered across these pages to accompany you on your journey. Lady Moonbeam loves people and would love nothing more than to be able to help, love and inspire for the rest of her life.

Find the joy from within, discover the Queen or King hidden inside. You are an amazing creature. You should flaunt it! Nobody has the right to make you believe anything different. And you Shouldn’t let them.*Picture Morgan Freeman voice* On this blog you will find posts on a lot of things we deal with daily. It might sound corny and silly but that is what makes it so beautifully weird…(I feel like Unique would be a cliche).

There is a little crazy in all of us, it’s what makes us unique – okay fine I used unique, don’t judge me. People only call things they don’t understand crazy. So if you’ve ever been called crazy you are on the right track.



Topics you’ll find:

  • Love – There is nothing more beautiful than love
  • Heartbreak…Because the two kind of go together.
  • Freedom…Think Freddie Mercury – “I want to break free”.
  • Experiences – Life happens, processing it is a journey
  • Short Stories with Happy Endings – See Enter the Rabbit Hole
  • Miscellaneous – Whatever is in my mind on the day

We don’t realize how much we love the stars until we have to look up at a pitch black sky.

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